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In order to see change, create a safe and trusted environment which welcomes change.

Attract and Empower your Professional Talent to Own their Authority, Lead with Value.

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How do you reinforce the Training after the Training?

Your employees receive weekly Accountability with Motivational Calls to Action to stay the course.

A ball in motion stays in motion.


Gutsy Leadership for Women in Transit. The New York City Department of Transportation. Photo Credit: NYC DOT

Gutsy Leadership Seminar held at UBS

Should your next-generation of leaders look and act like  your current senior executives?

Gutsy Leadership @ Sony Music

Gutsy Leadership Motivational Program at Sony Music

Gutsy Leadership in Transit, serving the men and women of

The New York City Department of Transportation.

We celebrate your professionals when they make the commitment to stretch.

AllianzLive NYC, Livestreamed: Texas, California Offices

Allianz Global Investors

American Express and RBC Gutsy Leadership Workshop

Post-Training After Glow - sold out training "Find your Voice: Speaking Without Apology"

World Financial Center

Design the Vision and Strategy with Like-Minded Motivation

Mastermind / Round tables to Engage the Leaders of your Organization


It’s about the people. Create a trusted community in your organization they can rely on as a support resource.

Start with a custom self-leadership model which guides individuals in-person, then have them follow through with online learning which fits their schedule and a platform to ask questions and stay the course with momentum.

The Gutsy Leadership Academy provides an online platform of step-by-step learning with a strong community across the regions of your organization with full transparency into current issues.

Educate men of the challenges. Bring transparency to the concerns across every workplace location.

Empower everyone to contribute to the conversation - confidentially with their concerns heard.

  • A trusted confidential community; Participants have control over their own account profile. They can upload their profile photo or not, share their real name or use a pseudonym. Participant e-mails are not revealed.
  • Spread mentoring, experience and learning through storytelling. Participants combine what they’ve learned along with their own experience to bring into a conversation. Everyone benefits from the experience of others.
  • Rich interaction: see discussion activity, embed video and audio content across your organization in one central place.
  • Select any number of Moderators to lead and post discussion questions in the community.
  • Build a forum with valuable feedback from peers which not only helps employees benefit from shared ideas, but also applies positive pressure for participants to add to the conversation making an impact.
  • Customize your virtual community with your organization’s branding and presence.
  • Invite employees and view login activity for those actively participating to measure topic trends.

Marisa Santoro is a leadership trainer and confidence skills coach who has walked in the shoes of the women she now trains, having consistently advanced as an executive in an male-dominated IT, abrasive Wall Street culture. She teaches exactly what to do, motivating and training the women of your organization along the way following the steps she delivers.  She’s not a jack-of-all-trades. She is very focused on what works to get women feeling confident, advancing and owning their power while creating a heart-centered leadership awareness across the entire organization.

Program Delivery

  • Seminars, Workshops, Lunch n’ Learns, Formal Dinners
  • Small Group Intensives
  • Online Learning with Cofidential Community platform.
  • Speed Networking events
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Custom Training Curriculum

Roundtable by Industry

  • Health Care
  • Management Consulting
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Media & Publishing

All programs come with worksheets, action plans and cheat sheets guiding on how women can get outside their comfort zone, take on new opportunities, get unstuck, leading in areas where they feel confident in all communication channels, advancing to a new level.

Delivering an experiential professional training program and toolkit, this unique education and online platform is mobile ready and a compilation of everything Marisa has learned raising her own rank through Corporate America, working in global markets, going up, down and sideways, and now training professionals across several industries.

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Hear from a participant from one of our live Gutsy Leadership training's.

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