Gutsy Leadership. Success Breakthroughs.  Support and Accountability.

Whether you are an intrapreneur inside an organization, running a practice or have a small business as an entrepreneur, The Gutsy Leadership System TM teaches how to make a mindset shift about your value as a professional expert alongside delivering a practical proven set of leadership and communication tools with spiritual guidance to align with your expert value and highest potential serving others. It will stretch you outside your comfort zone taking manageable steps towards a new level of how others perceive you. It’s about owning your authority, finding your voice, reinventing yourself to a level where you never have to be weighed down about your marketability, value you deliver and self-worth – ever again.

You will be shown EXACTLY what to start doing–and stop doing to own your authority confidently and attracting opportunity. It is all step-by-step, not overwhelming theory and feel-good advice, taking you in every direction. This program offers simple, concrete HOW-TO tools on what to do, not concepts. But before you can implement any leadership education, the truth is, you need to change how you see yourself in your career or business and move out of your own way.


Where are you now and where do you want to go?

In order to strategically position you to achieve your Breakthrough Business Goals, we need to know where you are now and where you want to be in 3, 6, 12 months from now.  Deep dive into exactly what you want; achieving clarity and vision will help us, help you! Receive a Strategic Action Plan in any one  of our group or private coaching sessions.

How can you lay the foundation for accomplishing your goals? Set your milestones with CRYSTAL CLARITY on where you are headed. You will make some lifestyle changes to create the best healthy environment to help you on your journey. You will be introduced to a set of daily routines which will keep you present to your unique value and professional expertise.

How can you maximize your time to make room for your goals, given your busy demanding schedule? Clear the decks, examine where your time is going and who is taking it away. You will change your mindset about when you work on anything that does not benefit you, helping you meet your target milestones. You will be introduced to a daily and weekly routine which will put some stakes in the ground so that each week you are intentional and disciplined with your time. You will have mapped out what key actions you should take and consistently focus on to implement weekly.

How can you be confident unless you know your UNIQUE VALUE? We can fall short in recognizing our strengths and often fall prey to a mindset where our ideas are not worthy of being considered. We will cover ways in which you will be comfortable being your own publicist. We will focus on your key SOFT SKILLS, which easily get swept under the rug, yet are the driver to people hiring you and keeping you in mind for new opportunities. Get ready, in this section we’re doing deep dives into discovering beautiful, gifted you.

Package what you know leveraging all of your value which you bring to your clients, patients, peers, staff/team, management, trainees as the intrapreneur inside your organization or entrepreneur inside your practice. Master how to “plan the work” and “work the plan” every time, pitching your ideas with confidence relying on your experience. You will self-qualify yourself to show off your systems and best practices where you are looked upon for your skills no longer as a “do-er” but for your ideas, how you think and consistently deliver making an impact.

How can you make yourself memorable in line for new opportunities, clients and advancement?  Learn how to master small talk, release anxiety and make powerful relationships which will become a trusted referral network you can rely on for years to come. Learn to build key relationships, partner with influencers, create a space to impress people leveraging your professional expertise and use proven techniques to build trust – not with “in your face” methods which can leave you feeling desperate and uncomfortable.

Master your mindset and learn to ask for what you need with confidence. Lead without fear of rejection and trust your gut on who to ask, how to ask, and when to ask – an essential skill for anyone serious about reaching their goals. Successful professionals take on these asking skills as an everyday habit – simply part of how they go through life. They fearlessly ask for what they want.  The reality is that you’re actually rejecting yourself in advance before anyone else has had a chance to.  You will be comfortably confident asking and negotiating being unattached to the outcome.

When you own the part, you get the part. Learn to confidently project a powerful image to work a room when speaking up at meetings, meeting with prospective clients, conducting a presentation, pitching your ideas as a change agent.

Own your expertise and lead in a new unique and authentic way, showing up powerfully in any conversation. You are no longer reacting, chiming in and contributing to a conversation, but driving it.