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Former IT Executive on Wall Street, Marisa Santoro. Winner of the “Women of Influence” award by New York Business Journals.  National Career Columnist American Business Journals. CEO and Founder of www.inrshoes.com and Gutsy Leadership™  Academy.

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    Receive support based on where you are and where you want to be in scheduled Q&A Calls where you receive the answers you need, when you need. *Expert and Impact programs only.

  • Self-Paced Training

    Guided “Power Hour” Step-by-Step Training and Video Course(s) with library of Motivational Audios. Assignments, templates* and scripts* (exactly what to write and say – “tweakable” to suit your authentic style). Easily download, print and save.

  • Success Principles to Strengthen your Focus

    Enjoy a blend of proven success self-leadership principles with career leadership how-to proven advice which will strengthen your focus and intuitive skill to achieve your breakthrough goals.

  • Weekly Accountability Checks

    Receive consistent accountability checks each week to keep up the momentum and remain on track with your goals.

  • Unlock 12 hours Access to Previous Training Calls

    Learn and listen to previous training and mentoring calls held from our VIP GOLD private classes with professionals who have been in your shoes.

  • Lifetime Access to your online classroom.

    Training materials are yours forever. Receive new modules as they are added to any course to stay plugged in. As your career or business evolves, so will our delivery to meet your needs.

  • Risk Free Guarantee

    Join us for the first two weeks in Gutsy Leadership Academy. If you do the work and don’t receive value, we will happily issue you a refund – guaranteed.

  • Exclusive Savings

    Enjoy discounted savings on any private coaching program or training product.

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Ready to be seen as that confident professional expert of influence? Enroll now and schedule your first call with Marisa to FOCUS on YOU and YOUR Results!

Curriculum Overview

The core curriculum features two major components: (1) the professional development Gutsy Leadership  modules focused on career leadership, how-to business strategies and communication skills and (2) the personal development Success Principles  modules focused on self-leadership and mindset shifts. Together, these proven professional and personal strategies when implemented step-by-step, will be shown to create breakthrough results for you in your career, development including improving your personal relationships - guaranteed.

Business Leadership Modules

The Gutsy Leadership System teaches how to make mindset shifts about your value as a professional expert alongside learning a practical proven set of leadership and communication tools as an intrapreneur inside an organization or entrepreneur running a practice. It will stretch you outside your comfort zone taking manageable steps towards a new level of how others perceive you. It walks you through simple authentic ways to own your authority, find your voice, repackaging yourself to a professional level where you never have to be weighed down about your marketability, value you deliver and self-worth – ever again.

You will be shown EXACTLY what to start doing–and stop doing to confidently attract business opportunities. It is all step-by-step, not overwhelming theory and feel-good advice, taking you in every direction. This program offers simple, concrete HOW-TO tools on what to do, not concepts. But before you can implement any leadership education, the truth is, you need to change how you see yourself in your career or business and move out of your own way learned through timeless success principles to make mindset shifts. The system works no matter where you are in your career: just starting out, mid-way, senior-level, re-entry or pre-retirement.

Self-Leadership Modules

Live life by design, not default. The success principles component teaches a proven system to achieve anything you want leveraging mindset, clarity, intention, focus and time-management methods, staying the course to your commitments. Get the tools and teaching you need to dramatically increase your free time, improve your relationships, create more balance and joy in your life and experience a new level of happiness. You will learn the tools to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize your ambitions. This step-by-step live course spells out timeless principles and practices used by the world’s most successful men and women—proven principles and strategies that can be adapted for your own life. Based on The Success Principles TM curriculum – this course has helped thousands of people achieve success in their life. This is a system designed to teach you the proven, step-by-step success strategies to designing and creating the life you want both professionally and personally.

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Take a non-negotiable approach to leading without permission.  Gutsy Leadership - is a mindset thing.

Yes Marisa, I'm ready to make the INVESTMENT in me!

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Your Investment by the Numbers

investment_invest_growth-512   We honor the investment you make in yourself and why it's important for you to know the value of the Gutsy Leadership Career Breakthrough program - our full end-to-end leadership program, broken down and straight-forward based on where you are and where you want to go. This is an honest, good faith estimate of the investment of everything you will receive and more importantly the investment you are making in yourself. International Conference lines provided.

Career Investment value: $7,000

Accountability, Expert Support and Motivational Feedback: $1,000

Advanced Professional Development and Business Leadership Training: $3,000

Proven Success-Principles and Mindset Strategies to apply anywhere in your life: $3,000

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Ready to be seen as that confident professional expert of influence? Enroll now and schedule your first call with Marisa to FOCUS on YOU and YOUR Results!

    • Grab 'n go training with your laptop or mobile device. Read, listen or watch each module with guided self-paced videos and clear-cut objectives for each.
    • Complete assignments and templates to action the goals of each module immediately.
    • Regular accountability checks and access to a bonus library of motivational audios to keep you positive and and keep up the momentum!
    • Shift your confidence levels and mindset by creating a powerful blueprint in your subconscious which will support you.
    • Learn from the personal stories of Marisa Santoro which she implemented using these same gutsy leadership strategies walking you through where she was and how she advanced both in corporate and as an entrepreneur.
    • Receive direct and personalized support online with full accountability throughout the course, working through the exercises.
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    In Our Shoes™ delivers the Gutsy Leadership™ System and Total Sales Success™ curriculum through Gutsy Leadership Academy™ (GLA) developed by former Wall Street Executive, founder and CEO, Marisa Santoro. Learn more below.