Is it time to move on? Two new classes to accelerate that next career chapter!

Write a Winning Resume that Promotes your Expertise

We have only a few weeks to go before year-end. I like to live my life in 6-week increments. I believe that if you set an intention that’s a healthy stretch but not too much that it will break you, you will reach a new level of gutsy growth. That’s why in two weeks, we will be leading two gutsy leadership courses in ONE 6-week program:

Write a Winning Resume that Promotes your Expertise

followed by

Navigate the Interview from Strategic Start to Smooth Finish“.


These will be 4 calls (2 calls per module) over six weeks with me there by your side along with homework exercises in between and as always gutsy accountability checks to keep your feet moving.

Mindset shift – your CV is not a CV. Let’s throw away that thinking. Your resume is really a sales sheet, just as that presentation deck you may be working on, or your Linkedin Profile are.

So when I say we are writing a resume that promotes your expertise, what I’m really talking about are ways in which we are highlighting you as an intrapreneur, and professional expert who is either one of two things – DEEP DIVE or WIDE ACROSS. Do you know a lot about one subject matter area as a lawyer, analyst, accountant, or technologist? Or do you typically go wide across areas adding value that way, but not always highlighting that? Your resume should sell your personal brand. Everything we cover will also be directly transported to your LinkedIn Profile, your elevator pitch and the answer to the question: “Nice to meet you. So what is it that you do?“. Also I will be addressing a topic that I hear coming up a lot lately in my coaching sessions, where you may be sitting in a conversation and don’t feel you have enough knowledge as everyone else in the room because perhaps they are DEEP DIVE, and know a lot about the details and how things work under the hood. In other words, they have all this on-the-ground experience and you have possibly studied concept or theory. So there you are taking a back seat to their EXPERTISE because you can’t “talk the talk” like they can, or feel qualified to because they will mentally wave you away as not knowing enough. I have a lot to say on this topic. As a leader, you don’t want to stay in the weeds for too long in your career and must be able to roll it all up to speak to those details, not necessarily know every little nuance. In other words, you do not have to drink from the fire hose on Day 1, you just have to articulate well enough to get your message across in order to influence change. That’s what makes a leader of influence.

So don’t let your lack of knowledge or experience hold you back from speaking up. You can poke holes at what feels like a black box and get in there just enough to do your job well. These gutsy moves and so much more is what we will be covering in our Interview class as well.


On the interview side, an interview is not an interview either. Using the the gutsy leadership method you will learn to secure BUY-IN in any meeting, negotiation, become a brilliant storyteller, and lead them when you are pitching your ideas in any setting or let’s face it, when you need to drop a bomb a meeting. It happens…

Sign up here for your Resume Writing and Interview Skills course. Note – if you cannot attend one of our four sessions, no worries – they will be recorded and sent right over along with your gutsy homework exercises.

Reminder – you don’t wake up in the morning to blend in with everyone else. Gutsy Leadership is sticking your neck out, sharing a personal story that resonates with everyone in the room, showing up 5 minutes early before a meeting with your management or client to make that personal connection before you talk about work and put on the professional hat. It’s the human connection and the ability to know yourself and what makes you tick – that self-leadership gene where intuitively you know what to say. In fact if we’re being honest, you always know what you need to say. It’s whether you trust enough to say it, in spite of being uncomfortable and doing it anyway. That’s what makes a gutsy leader others want to follow.

Have a great week, see you in class!

Two Classes. 4-Calls. 6-weeks. Enroll now.

Write a Winning Resume that Promotes your Expertise

Navigate the Interview from Strategic Start to Smooth Finish“.


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