Mastermind Round tables for Professionals and Small Business Owners - New York City.

Held every 3rd Friday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm in Midtown Manhattan.

Find your Voice. Frame your Strategy. Test Drive your Pitch with a Trusted Audience.

Led by Leadership and Success Growth Trainer Marisa Santoro,  Former IT Executive on Wall Street. “Women of Influence” honoree by American Business Journals and Bizwomen.com. Founder of  Gutsy Leadership Academy and In Our Shoes - a global professional development training platform. Located at:

The Boardroom (Suite 4205)

Located in the Lit. Group's conference room, 42nd floor.

One Penn Plaza, Suite 4205

New York, NY 10119

Invest in you. Save your Seat.

What to Expect

Exclusive mastermind hosted to support professionals in the workplace (at all levels), small business owners, educators and trainers.  Enjoy stunning water views of the Midtown/Lower Manhattan skyline.: Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower and Hudson River. Located above Penn. Station accessible to subway, LIRR and NJ Transit.

Coffee, tea and filtered water provided.

Template material handed out to clarify your objectives (what you want to walk away with), with clear action items to implement immediately after mastermind. Includes a step-by-step takeaway guide to create your own with those supporting you in your career or practice.

In order to achieve maximum results in any area of our life, we need to be constantly growing and learning with new ways of thinking, being and doing. Without outside support we tend to get “stuck” in doing things the same way we’ve always done them, or the same way everyone else in our industry does. By assembling a group of people from different industries, you end up with different perspectives and fresh new ideas that may have never been thought of before.

If you have not yet attended a Mastermind, enjoy the two short videos on this page. Masterminds are effective in creating breakthroughs for any initiative you are planning in your career, business or life!

The structure of our meetings center around participants being able to ask questions and receive guidance from me and receive facilitated feedback from the group. The energy alone from asking out loud what you need support on and then allowing yourself to receive delivers creative inspiration you would not otherwise create going it alone.

Session Structure:

  • Guided Training Exercise on your WHY and how it is tied to the work you do brilliantly. (30 minutes)
  • Brainstorm & Feedback Session. Rise and share your unique value as an expert in your field. Each participant receives 20-25 minutes direct support and an opportunity to  share their personal brand / marketing ending with at least one specific Ask they will commit to, to accelerate their breakthrough goal. Plus receive support from everyone in the room with Marisa's facilitation.  (2.5 - 3 hours)
  • Break for a Bite (30 minutes)
  • Gratitude Closing. Lock-in your Commitments. (5 minutes)

$69 Single Seat Registration

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$69 Single Seat Registration

Held in The Boardroom - an executive meeting space.  When breaking for a bite to eat, we can bring back food. We have allocated 30-minutes for the break.

Here's an article in American Business Journals you may also find helpful, I wrote a while back on the power of these mastermind alliances. Learn more.

Should this be your first mastermind, I look forward to demonstrating how these work and creating a vortex of like-minded energy with you. To learn a little of me and my mission - our business site.

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Please reach out with any questions or drop a line to learn more.

info@inrshoes.com / 844.626.3410

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  • q-iconHow do these Business Trainings work?

    Marisa Santoro will lead a half-day mastermind alliance in an intimate group setting held in Manhattan’s Marriott Residence Inn, located in Times Square, Manhattan. An intentional mix of spiritual and business guidance provided, harnessing the power of like-minded energy in the vortex.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund upon request?

    Cancellations accepted up to 14 days or earlier before the next month’s designated meeting. Due to room reservation booking and to plan accordingly, we cannot accept cancellations within 14 days of mastermind.