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Marisa Santoro, founder of In Our Shoes and Gutsy Leadership Academy

Have you made some gutsy moves recently and wish to share it with the community? Have you acted on one or two intuitive and inspired thoughts which paid off by seeing BIG results in your career? Do you want to ask a question on how handle a specific challenge currently preventing you from moving forward?

If so, we want to hear from you and interview you!  Get your name out there and share either your gutsy moves or a challenge you can use support on - regardless of what career or industry you are in! We will also reach out to the community to get in touch and connect with you directly to further support you in your shoes. That's how it works.

Get in touch by contacting us at info@inrshoes.com Subject: "my gutsy interview". Ask a question or share a positive experience from following your gut instinct.

Connect with your gutsy village and grow your professional pipeline. Like-minded energy is everything. Our mission is to build communion so you can support one another "in your shoes".  ; )

We look forward to hearing from you.

As always with guts and grace,