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Marisa Santoro kicks off Women's History Month at the New York City Department of Transportation. Photo Credit: NYC DOT

Learning not based on academic research but on a practical how-to blueprint to hit the ground running, advancing as a professional expert in any field. Take a non-negotiable approach to playing a bigger game in your career.

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Gutsy Leadership at UBS "Fearless Leadership" program. Photo credit: Rafael Javier Photography

Marisa Santoro, Winner of the “Women of Influence” award by New York Business Journals. Former IT Executive on Wall Street. Founder of The Gutsy Leadership™ System. 

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Girl Interrupted: 3 Gutsy Moves to Handle being Talked Over and Shut Down in a Meeting. It's time to set Boundaries.
Kara attracted the perfect job, doubled her pay and works close to home – everything she intended to ACCELERATE.
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