Inspired Self-Love.

Compact Mirror and Daily Gutsy Motivation


Double-sided square metal compact mirror to stay intentional to the desires you have. Comes with "The Mirror Exercise"- one of the simplest and most powerful self-confidence building exercises in the world. Its purpose is to replace the normal negative limiting beliefs that dominate your thoughts with positive, affirmative self-talk.  Carry in your purse or keep beside your bed to use before you start your day. 

Measures 2.6" H x 2.36" W x 0.24" L when folded. Limited quantity.

YES! I Deserve Happiness and Success!

Two-sided Affirmation Compact Mirror  +  30-Day Daily Mirror Exercise included to exponentially remain intentional to the things you want in your life. Proven to work when implemented daily for a minimum of 30-days. Enjoy! Price: $10 (+ $3.50 shipping & handling).




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