3 Gutsy Moves to Create GOALS that STICK

Is it time to Maximize your Potential this year? Ready to get out there communicating confidently so you can ATTRACT others to you, by being more VISIBLE?

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It’s just one week into the New Year and I’m here as your accountability check, do you know what you want to accomplish? Because most people walk around not knowing really what that looks like and are living by default letting other people and circumstances decide for them. Has that been you?  It’s ok –  I’ve got you. : )  That’s why I’m giving you 3 simple steps to follow below and in my video which you can do right away to get unstuck. This will help you set your compass, I promise!

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You may think you want a raise of “X amount of money” or “Y number of more clients” or “to work somewhere doing Z”, however I’m here to keep it real. Your professional goals must go hand-in-hand with your personal ones. So before you write down any career or business goals, be sure you think about what makes you happy on the personal front as well. Trust me on this one, that’s how it works. You can only get what you want in your life when you are happy and inspired on an emotional level and grounded at home making the time to take care of you as the beautiful spirit you are. Please write down, with free flowing thought right now, what comes to mind. What makes you happy first and foremost? Write 3 to 50 things, just let it flow.  Now do the same with your professional goals.


After you make these 2 lists, go through each one and ask yourself: Does it feel like  a “HELL YES ,I’m doing it!” or a “HELL NO, there’s no way I’m doing that!”?  If you aren’t sure, then that goal should be crossed off your list. We’re going BIGGER this year.  You just need to reach into your GUT and ask yourself is this goal a : “HELL YES” or a “HELL NO”? Now circle all of your “HELL YES” personal and professional goals and go to last step #3 below.


Go through all of your goals which just made the cut again and ask yourself if they feel like a bit of stretch but not too big so that they will make you freeze. Why? Because when you FREEZE, you will take no action, give up and beat yourself up. In fact this can potentially set you back so much that you risk taking a step back. You know the answer, only you can decide. Your goals must feel like they are a stretch, because you must GROW but not too big so that you are stuck in your tracks.

Receive a 20-minute strategy call giving you guidance around your strategic direction!

Email: Marisa@InRShoes.com

Simply e-mail Marisa@InRShoes.com. This is a no-brainer, I believe in you and so should you. If it feels uncomfortable to pick up the phone and ask for guidance I get it and I’m sending you so much energy and inspiration right now, that you surround yourself with people and opportunities that will lead you to where you need to go.
With love and lots of gutsiness,

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