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I have a very special delivery today, one which will further support you in your career and in your life. It’s  a content-rich, power-hour PODCAST I held featuring guest speaker and Wall Street IT Director Annette Stewart. Annette  joined me here at In Our Shoes for coaching several months ago and learned first-hand what the Gutsy Leadership system was all about and more importantly how the step-by-step hit-the-ground-running program is changing the way women do business. What I learned during our time together is that Annette shares the same gutsy mission as I do – to inspire and motivate women to find their freedom and design the careers that they love and give themselves permission to answer the call and ask for the YES!

I want you to take some time to listen to this podcast and see what shows up for you. When I sit down to create something, it’s not willy nilly. I know what your shoes feel like, I’ve very likely been there.  In Our Shoes is not my story or your story. It’s our story. I receive e-mails every week that ask me “Marisa, how did you know I struggle with this?” I hit all the pain points and what’s stopping you in your tracks, because I’ve been there on the ground but I also know that you have the power and potential to turn it around and it doesn’t have to take you years and continually waiting. You just have to be willing to trust the process, step by step and allow yourself to lead and be led as the intuitive smart and educated professional you are.

Here’s what you will hear in this podcast:

Annette and I discuss topics such as letting go of the  “freeze factor” which can show up in key conversations. How do you reroute when things don’t pan out exactly as planned? This  podcast deep dives into these topics as well as introduces energy and spiritual approaches to designing the career you want not often talked about yet essential to your success at anything you try to achieve.  We also talk about fear and how it shows up inevitably especially when asking for support. How do you ask for the YES? What key things can you do right away to get that YES when you’re feeling a NO or worse (eeek!) radio silence?

We encourage you to take lots of notes from this recording, listen to it again and again and act on anything intuitively which comes up for you which you can CHANGE right now. Annette and I swap personal stories of how we have personally and professionally made changes in our lives. We also cover self-promotion and how to be your biggest brand ambassador especially as a low-key or introverted professional.  Leverage this podcast to jump start your own gutsy moves and learn how Gutsy Leadership is changing the way women do business.

Listen to your Gutsy Career Podcast here. 

p.s. be sure to leave your comments at the end as well as any questions for Annette and I. We’d love to hear from you so we can run more of these. Tell us what you enjoyed most.

My mission is yours mission and as a gusty reminder, just in case you’ve forgotten. You don’t get up in the morning to blend in with everyone else. When you’re ever unclear on what to do, just ask yourself: “how am I being gutsy today?” The answer will always come. Lead from your gut, it will never steer you wrong.

To your gutsy freedom beautiful,

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