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 I’m going to ask you something I ask everyone I work with – What do you want? And What are you doing to get there? If what you want has not yet shown up, then you will have to do something new and different to make it happen. And by definition new and different means being uncomfortable on a daily basis listening to your intuition – your one trusted source of truth which you can always rely on – your gut instinct.

YOU and YOUR Results

I am often asked where to find the free learning resources and savings  from the site. Therefore I have consolidated all of them for you right here. Your free personal strategic action session included with the 6-week Gutsy Breakthrough Acceleration course. This is a blend of coaching and online learning – on your schedule in a trusted space. International phone lines sent. Confidentiality. Full recordings. Unlimited Replay. Accountability checks. Video – based course delivers step-by-step business tools to implement immediately along with spiritual guidance.
Keep leaning into what’s possible, listening to your gut. It will never steer you wrong.
Big hug,

Sohah Iqbal, Interventional Cardiologist, NYU Langone Medical Center

Marisa recently led a training seminar for the NYU Community of Women in Medicine. What impressed me most about Marisa was her ability to swiftly shift the whirlwind energy of the room as attendees entered carrying all their stresses, insecurities, and expectations, and shifted it to a powerfully focused energy. Through an effective 2 hour session she was able to help participants reconsider their purpose in their every day and tap into their unique value. On a personal note, Marisa helped me realize my uniqueness. I had always been someone who kept her head down and did what was expected of me and what I expected of myself, but now realizing what I personally have to bring to the table has helped me recognize my strength and power.


In just one-hour with Marisa, I was immediately more aware of how I was unintentionally diminishing my own assertiveness in conversations and over email. I quickly realized the impact of small upgrades in my communication on my level of authority. Corporate America can be very competitive, especially for women wanting to advance, and anything we can do to set ourselves apart and prove our worth and authority should be valued and implemented. Gutsy Leadership will have a lasting impact on how I lead and express myself moving forward.

Hillary Ginsberg Global Merchant Experience and Coverage Business Analyst, American Express





I have stopped apologizing!  Before receiving this invaluable training I would apologize when meetings ran over or other events beyond my control.  I now state the situation and move on. I also learned how to not spread myself thin concerned about all of the things I need to get done.  Instead, I now focus on what I am doing at the given moment and work on other things after – prioritizing! It is more impactful to be deeply rooted in a few small things and be really good at them than to be a part of a lot of things to contribute and make a difference.

Lauren Hincks Senior Marketing Analyst, American Express







The Gutsy Leadership System™ is a gift that keeps on giving! What began as career coaching to accelerate growth and breakthrough to the next level is now a lifestyle! The ability to work with Marisa and network with an extraordinary community of risk-takers and change agents is priceless. Thank you, Marisa; I am growing gutsier by the day. Before working with Marisa, my career was decomposing. Marisa’s perceptive conversations, accountability, and tough love provided the spark needed to resurrect suppressed goals and dreams. There is now momentum in my career and personal life; new ideas and opportunities are presenting themselves all the time. The three most immediate improvements in my career after working with Marisa for three months are as follows:

A change in Mindset, embracing transcending beliefs about my gifts and talents.

An increase in Visibility via first-class, poised communications; authentically speaking my truth (in person, telephone, video chat, email, resume, LinkedIn, speech, presentations) and projecting my value and expertise to anyone in any setting. A revamping of and an increase in my Pipeline leading to new and exciting people, philosophies, and professional prospects.

Kia Brown-Dudley,  Impactful Strategist for Education Initiatives