How to relax at work in 30 seconds

Have you ever suffered from unforeseen anxiety where your hands start shaking and you,simply shut down feeling frozen? I’ve heard it happen with the women I work with, right beforelaxre they have to do a presentation, get on the phone with a potential client , go on an interview or during the first week at a new job where reputation and first impression is EVERYTHING.

I’m sharing with you this quick 30 second exercise which you can do on your own to turn this worry around and take control of the situation.

  • Find a private space, close your eyes and smile.
  • You’re going to count backwards from 10.
  • Slowly breathe in from your nose on 10. On the inhale, picture warm light moving up towards your head all the way around filling your chest. On the exhale from your mouth, relax and feel your body letting go. Mentally clear your mind and listen to your breathing.
  • Breathe in on 9, feel the light spreading evenly throughout your body entering every cell. On the exhale, relax and let go, picture your scalp being massaged.
  • Breathe in on 8, allow more light in, your body is glowing.  Exhale and reflect on someone you appreciate in your life.
  • Repeat this inhale and exhale exercise,  all the way down through 1.
  • When you exhale your last breathe say:  “I am in control of what happens in this moment. I take back my power”.

You’ve got this.


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