{new podcast) how to use your intuition to create breakthrough results.

How to Use your Intuitive Mind to Create Breakthrough Results – podcast

I know that you believe in intuition and the power your mind holds. We wouldn’t be connected here if you didn’t. I also know there have been times when you felt so confident that you just “gunned it” and went full steam ahead with what you felt were good decisions. Yet there are also times when fear is so strong, that it’s not so easy to trust your gut.  In this episode, I discuss the exact process occurring in your mind, from when you have an instinctual thought that feels right to where you STOP and shoot yourself down hours later. I then introduce how to make one tweak in this process using one powerful strategy to create a wild and different outcome where you are able to trust those impulses of thought in spite of what’s in front of you. This episode is approximately 27 minutes. Give yourself some time to digest and replay again. This system applies whether you want to achieve a breakthrough goal in your health, finances, personal relationships, career you name it.  As always, you are left with a gutsy homework exercise to implement right away.

To your gutsy freedom, you’ve got this. Enjoy…




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