The 4 Stages of Gutsy Growth

A daily gutsy reminder just in case you forget what you stand for:  
You don’t get up in the morning to blend in with everyone else. 

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Dear fellow Gutsy Leader,

If you’re just getting plugged into Gutsy Living here, I take a spiritual and intuitive approach to creating a life you love.  Several years ago, I had the perfect career on paper. I was employed at the top tier of one of the largest financial institutions in the world working for well-known leaders. This job landed at my feet by following every step I now teach as a career coach.  It came with a bonus that equaled most people’s salaries.  You would think that all of this kept me fulfilled, I worked so hard right? But no, there was something more calling. I loved my career, was grateful for the perks but my intuition kept getting stronger. Physically I felt I was in the right place, but spiritually I was checked out elsewhere even with all the incentives to stay.

So I decided to start a women’s leadership and learning platform and followed my gut. Here I am today happily writing you:

Recently we were adding some content to the coaching curriculum in our courses and I stopped in my tracks. I found the following gutsy leadership article I wrote years ago which still applies today. It’s one of the many mindset tools delivered to students here and what I have personally applied for 20+ years as an intrapreneur on Wall Street and as an entrepreneur to this day when I’m just learning how to do something. None of us wake up having it all figured out. If you are in a place where you find yourself fumbling, possibly learning something new, or have some apprehension to getting started, this quick read is for you. It’s a framework to follow and the basis of what it takes today to become an expert of influence any my mission here. Developing leaders of influence is something I have been given awards and recognition for, but in truth it didn’t always start out that way. I made many mistakes and fell forward plenty of times. I motivate myself and those I work with to do one thing really well – take imperfect action every day.

May this support you in your shoes. Enjoy, this is my gift to you.

Download PDF:


To your gutsy freedom,

Ready to give your gutsy breakthrough goal some legs, explore that next chapter, embrace the unknown with excitement and a sprinkle of must-have uneasiness?

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Food. Life. Olives. Wine.

Dinner in the vineyard.

Like-minded positive energy.

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“How successful you are, is based on how included you make people feel in the room. It’s our core human need for love and acceptance.” – Marisa Santoro, founder of and Gutsy Leadership Academy.

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