Professional Training in the Boardroom.

Developing Experts of Influence.

Friday, February 16 in the Boardroom.

Friday, February 16th

Session 1: 10 am to 12 noon

Session 2: 12:15 pm to  2:15pm

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Two training sessions held every 3rd Friday of the month in Midtown Manhattan.

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Led by Leadership trainer and career coach Marisa Santoro,  Former IT Executive on Wall Street. “Women of Influence” honoree by American Business Journals and Bizwomen.com. Founder of  Gutsy Leadership Academy and In Our Shoes - a global professional development training platform. Located at:

The Boardroom (Suite 4205)

Located in the Lit. Group's conference room, 42nd floor.

One Penn Plaza, Suite 4205

New York, NY 10119

Training Session 1 held 10 am to 12 pm.

Self-Promote with Ease and Authenticity to advance your role or

Start your Side Hustle.

Your Current Challenges

You struggle with “selling yourself” authentically and your story tending to fall short in recognizing your professional strengths and influential soft skills. You recognize your ideas aren’t always considered when communicating with colleagues, management, your team/staff, patients or trainees. In this course introduction, you will gain clarity on what you bring to the table as a professional expert. Before you can talk the talk and share your knowledge, whether it be in a small meeting room or speaking in a larger venue, you will step back and recognize for yourself what you have accomplished given your track record and what it is that you DO brilliantly which attracts others to enjoy working with you recognizing your professional expertise.

Benefits and Impact

Be comfortably confident in all of your communication, rooted in what you know given your unique personality and experience which you may not be owning right now. This course lays the foundation for showcasing your value as a professional expert who delivers on specific recognizable results, thereby attracting others to you, where you are being yourself, instead of feeling like you are selling yourself.

Who Should Attend

Professionals aiming to move into higher leadership roles or start their side-hustle leaning into transitioning into a new career.

$69 Single Session

Enroll in both sessions: $139 Only $119. 

Get the full online course with lifetime access:  Only $149.

Training Options

If you would like to register by phone, or have questions, please
Contact us at +1.844.626.3410 direct.
or email us at info@InRShoes.com

Training Session 2 held 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm.

Own your Power in Difficult, Troubling Situations.

Your Current Challenges

You are experiencing a recurring and challenging situation which is affecting your self-esteem and which you feel powerless to change. You find yourself often falling into the trap of complaining about how you feel and what happens to you and find the same troubling circumstance bubbling up in different scenarios. You want to move to a place where you can take back your power and control of the situation confidently, focusing your energy on more positive outcomes.

How you will Benefit

Learn to take 100% responsibility for your life, which is fundamental to creating asuccessful life. You will learn to get out of blaming and complaining which is draining your energy levels and into consciously creating the life you desire. This course demonstrates the concept that we are responsible for what we experience in life. It introduces the idea that other people don’t “make us” feel things and demonstrates that we have control over how we feel and how we react to others. You will take ownership of your feelings and identify exactly how to produce results with wildly different outcomes opening the path to new opportunities and resources in your life which will support you positively.

Who Should Attend

This course benefits anyone who wants to turnaround a troubling circumstance in their life and create powerful solutions to address it, so they can make room for and receive new opportunities which bring joy and fulfillment to their life. Committing to the tools delivered in this course, students create new desired results in a short amount of time.

$69 Single Session

Enroll in both sessions: $139 Only $119. 

Get the full online course with lifetime access:  Only $149.

Training Options

If you would like to register by phone, or have questions, please
Contact us at +1.844.626.3410 direct.
or email us at info@InRShoes.com

What to Expect

Training classes to support professionals in the workplace (at all levels), small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs.  Enjoy stunning water views of the Midtown/Lower Manhattan skyline.: Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower and Hudson River. Located above Penn. Station accessible to subway, LIRR and NJ Transit.

Coffee, tea and filtered water provided.

Material handed out to clarify your objectives (what you want to walk away with), with clear action items to implement immediately afterwards.

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  • q-iconHow do these Business Trainings work?

    Marisa Santoro leads 2-hour training classes in an intimate group setting held in  boardrooms in local cities. An intentional mix of mindset and business guidance provided, harnessing the power of like-minded energy.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund upon request?

    Cancellations accepted up to 14 days or earlier before the next month’s designated meeting. Due to room reservation booking and to plan accordingly, we cannot accept cancellations within 14 days of mastermind.