Get Visible, Self-Promote Authentically, Attract Ideal Clients.


“I want to unleash my business and become more visible, strategically position myself on and offline, self-promote my unique value and communicate confidently to attract the right clients because I have made crystal clear the results I deliver.

Who you are

You are running your own business and have set your mind to growing to the next level and reaching more people who are looking for exactly what you deliver to serve them. You have the drive and know-how to tap into your unique expertise. You are ready to pull yourself out from behind your computer, maximize your potential and get out there in a bigger way with a unique marketing message reaching more people with much more face time and visibility.

What your issues tend to be

You tend to be a one-woman show, without asking for much external support, honing in on your unique marketing message and maximizing on your unique potential which you are not fully seeing right now. You need help with difficult conversations, your marketing content and lack some confidence in your communication to get out there so potential clients can find you and are able to more effectively delegate to a team. You struggle with self-sabotaging thoughts questioning your value at times.

What you need most right now

You need a strategy and action plan to get you out from behind your computer, get comfortable with being uncomfortable everyday as you become more visible, lead with confidence, leverage your unique value and become opportunistic authentically. Your primary focus needs to be on framing your signature speech for your audience, positioning yourself in your market by tapping into your bench strengths which you uniquely bring to the table for clients. Your new normal is practicing self-promotion techniques which will attract others to want to learn more about YOU and refer you on for years to come.

Then it’s all about having a tactical toolkit in your hip pocket, maintaining an authentic internal and external dialogue when communicating your value which sets you apart. You need to pull yourself out of “worker bee” mode and be a big picture thinker who is BE not DO any longer. You need a referral system network which will serve as a pipeline to new opportunities and a tribe you can continually rely on for support.

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Private 1-on-1 Sessions

  • Mindset + Business Coaching (International conference lines provided)
  • Strategy Breakthrough Session.