The #1 Mistake you are making in your Career (and don’t realize it)

I’m sure sitting where you are now, you can think of a few areas which are holding you back from advancing to the next level in your career. But what about what you don’t know, you don’t know? This is coming from a place of love, so don’t take this the wrong way. Stay with me on this one.

I have mentored enough women while on Wall Street and clients all these years, to be able to step back today and realize they all share common mistakes which were preventing them from proving their worth to management in ways which were serious blind spots.

This will be the first in a series of videos where I will walk you through exactly what you may be doing (or not doing enough) which is keeping you from a role which you would feel fulfilled in, find yourself growing more in, earning more money from. These mistakes aren’t easily spotted because they may have worked for you then, but you are in a new mindset now and your focus is to move to the next level. So I’m here to shake things up a bit to get you seeing it from another angle; sound good?

The # 1 Mistake, holding you back from a more challenging, higher salaried position

Being the Trusted Go-To Person

Are you enjoying the “feel-good” factor when helping others at work, feeling needed and appreciated when they ask you to execute something and you do it “on the fly”? Does it feel like family where you work now, because you are well-liked and the trusted Go-To person that others can always rely on to get the job done? Is that really your job to begin with? Even if it is, are you doing too much juggling by putting others needs above your own?

This is a common thing happening with women and without knowing it the major reason holding them back from moving on to a new level. You become comfortable being so needed and feel grateful to have a steady salary, which I totally get.

It’s just important to remember that it’s a fine line because you want to move beyond that task-oriented role.  You have ideas about the way things shoud be run given your departmental expertise and would be much more valuable to a company planning and implementing those ideas than being of service to others so they can do their jobs better.

You get paid a higher salary when you can sell those ideas of yours and prove to management that you are not actually a worker bee anymore but actually a BIG Picture thinker and your thoughts on how things should be run are why they should invest in you. Pitching those ideas is difficult when you get pigeon-holed into the department’s Go-To task person.

Stay tuned for more.

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