The 5 Footprints Smart Ambitious Women make when following their Passions in Business!

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This summer In Our Shoes delivers an empowering seminar program for women offered in New York and London: the “Dream Shoe” Seminar!




I leave you here with the first of a 5 part free audio series unveiling the:


5 Footprints which Smart Ambitious Women make when following their Passion in Business!


Play- 17 minutes



Interviewing successful women entrepreneurs and consulting with women who have worked in corporate most of their career lives or who have stepped out of the workplace for a few years after having children and wish to re-enter, inspired this Dream Shoe seminar last year, addressing the below questions I am asked all of the time as they are considering the next stage of their careers.  Share your story in the following pre-seminar registration Profile Sheet and then explore what the Dream Shoe Seminar is all about. We hope to meet you in person! In the meantime, enjoy these 5 footprints of what working women really want out of life: to follow a career they are passionate about!


  • Am I good enough? I’ve worked in corporate my whole life, dream shoes are just that – a big dream.
  • How can I reinvent myself pursuing a career I love when I have only worked for other people?
  • I have no official employment experience on paper, only an interest in XYZ business, how can I transition to a new career?
  • I am a single parent and main breadwinner, how can I take a risk and start something new?

These questions and more will be addressed in this 5 part seminar and serve as a preview of the in-person Dream Shoe Seminar made available this year. I hope you enjoy this First Footprint sound byte and return back for more inspiring solutions to jumpstart you to the next stage of your career!


Place your comments and questions below. We can follow up with a tele-conference seminar again where we can continue the conversation on how Smart Ambitious women follow their Passions in Business!

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  1. christine
    May 3, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Looking forward to the next part of the series.

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