The Five Footprints that Smart Ambitious Women make when following their Passions in Business!

Continuing our 5 part series here at In Our Shoes, we deliver the second footprint that successful women independent professionals make when aiming for a career they love.  If you are just joining us here at In Our Shoes – welcome! Before you leave, be sure to Subscribe to stay current on all the events, seminar programming  and power interviews we land here!  Don’t forget to check out this summer’s  seminar programming delivering the Dream Shoe Seminar offered in New York and London which this five part series is a segueway to: empowering women to go for a career they are passionate about sans any barriers!

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Interviewing successful women entrepreneurs and consulting with women who have worked in corporate most of their career lives or who have stepped out of the workplace for a few years after having children and wish to re-enter, inspired this Dream Shoe seminar last year, addressing the below questions I am asked all of the time as they are considering the next stage of their careers. Share your story in the following pre-seminar registration Profile Sheet and then explore what the Dream Shoe Seminar is all about. We hope to meet you in person! In the meantime, enjoy these 5 footprints of what working women really want out of life: to follow a career they are passionate about!


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