Fearlessly Ask and Negotiate What You Need

Your Current Challenges

You are missing key opportunities by not reaching out to others and asking for what you want. You struggle with rejection and the word “No” which can feels like a defeating word because it tends to influence so much of your behavior due to your loss of self-worth when your hear it. In this course you will learn to shift your mindset when it comes to encountering this word and embrace it for what it really means.

Benefits and Impact

Turbo-charge your career and learn a powerful process to raise your confidence level by turning the word “No” into “Not Right Now” embracing any fear of rejection. In this course you will master your mindset and learn to ask for what you need with confidence. Lead without fear of rejection and trust your gut on who to ask, how to ask, and when to ask - an essential skill for anyone serious about reaching their goals. Successful professionals take on these asking skills as an everyday habit - simply part of how they go through life. They fearless ask for what they want.  The reality is that you’re actually rejecting yourself in advance anyone else even has a chance to.  You will be comfortably confident asking and negotiating being unattached to the outcome.

Who Should Attend

This course benefits anyone who feels stuck allowing seemingly negative external circumstances dictate their behavior and hence their success. This course is ideal for professionals who are holding themselves back by not asking for the information, support, money or time that they need to fulfill their vision.


This course is offered as a collaborative webinar series and live leadership training seminar or workshop. You will be introduced to The Success PrinciplesTM which will teach you how to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions.


>>>Enroll in this course only: $97 /  €94  /  £81

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>>>Enroll in this course only: $97 /  €94  /  £81

Good Things Come in Gutsy Packages...


3 Gutsy Courses. 3 Live Q&A Calls. 3 Months of Accountability.

  • Self-Paced Training

    Receive Three Guided “Power Hour” Self-Paced Video Courses with Assignments and Worksheets. Lifetime Access to our online school.

    Choose the training you need. Select this course plus any 2 other online courses in The Gutsy Leadership Academy.

    Have your personal questions answered privately inside your online classroom to receive the consistent support you need.

  • Live Q&A + Training

    Receive Three live Q&A Training session calls (30-minutes to 1-hour based on call participants) where your questions are answered directly. Calls are scheduled once a month, fully recorded for replay, with lifetime access should you miss anything or want to sit back and take notes later.

    International Conference Lines provided.

  • Heart-Centered Accountability

    Stay the course with momentum by receiving Three months of Accountability checks on e-mail, gently guiding you to remain committed to your gutsy breakthrough goals. Plus remain plugged into your private classroom to remain connected with your peers and stay the course.

>>>Enroll in this course plus any 2 other courses.  $497 /  €464  /  £399

  • q-iconHow does this Training work?

    You will receive this course plus any two other online training courses you choose from The Gutsy Leadership Academy found here. Courses include “power hour” video training, motivational audio replays, worksheets, assignments, templates, scripts (exactly what to say and write) all with lifetime access. Yes, really.  In addition to your 3 courses, receive 3 Live Q&A training sessions, fully recorded for you to replay. Lastly, you receive 3 months of Gentle Accountability checks via e-mail which will arrive every Sunday to kick-start your week in an intentional way to keep you committed to your gutsy breakthrough goals.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund upon request?

    Absolutely. Join the Gutsy Leadership Academy and if you are dissatisfied with any module during your first week of enrollment, we will happily issue a refund – guaranteed during this period upon sending us the assignments and work you have begun to put in. If it doesn’t feel right for you up-front, it won’t feel right later on. That’s how confident we are of the results you will walk away with.

  • q-iconWhat if I just want to enroll in this one course?

    Absolutely, you can do that too! However, enrolling in individual courses, do not come with any private coaching or online support. Live training sessions are also not part of that bundle. Enroll in this course only below: $97 / €94 / £81