Gutsy Leader Graduates at Nassau Community College!

I hope you are enjoying some much-needed down time and more importantly beating the heat here in the Northeast and Europe.

Some news from the gutsy village, I had the pleasure and honor to lead the above group of female engineers at right before they accepted their degrees. These women are graduates of an URGENT: Women Utility Training Program and many are either re-entering the workforce or transitioning in their careers. For personal reasons, leading this training struck a chord. Having been in their shoes once as a female just starting out in an industry primarily male-dominated, I didn’t hold back. I gave them some meaty gutsy career moves which will last a lifetime.

How do you inject passion into your presentations? If you could, what would you share with your 20-year old self? Don’t worry about what you sound like. Just share your stories, share your setbacks, share what you learned so you too can support others in your field a well. Are you mentoring others? On a coaching call a few weeks ago, one participant shared that she is a senior professional in her field and although she signed up for coaching to advance further in her career, she also recognized that she hadn’t always made the time to mentor others. So I gave her a gutsy challenge to do just that. Once she began, she talked about how rewarding it was to share advice on things she could do in her sleep and would never imagine could be of value to someone. This too is part of your Gutsy Leadership strategy. Being a Go-Giver, not just a Go-Getter. The reason this is so powerful is not just doing things that make you feel good although you undoubtedly will enjoy it. You get something out of it too. You see there are things that you do expertly, that you assume everyone knows how to do and therefore you don’t self-promote about or try to sell it. But really, you have no idea how much experience and lessons learned you have under your belt until you start talking about it. Or worse, you wait until you need to network or interview to begin sharing your expert value.

Gutsy Leadership Principle – build your professional pipeline before you need it. You plant the seeds now so you can later be picked for that speaking opportunity, promotion, referral, and so much more.

It doesn’t matter what you do in your career (you can basket weave for a living), you are a lifelong learner and therefore with that fact, you are wired to teach and grow others. It doesn’t have to take much of your time and it doesn’t even have to be in person. Please report back on some gutsy moves you can make to share what you know, make yourself more visible and commit to, so that others can spread the word about you.

Here’s to cool summer breezes where you are happily enjoying doing things that you LOVE which in turn attracts more abundance to you – enjoy your week and let me know what you’re working on a la those gutsy moves! If you’re not sticking your neck out a little, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, make no mistake, you are not going gutsy enough. Let’s turn up the volume!

have a great week and as always reach out with any questions.
Marisa Santoro, Leadership Trainer and Career Coach.

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