The gutsy ripple effect: success stories from the village!


Will you join me in celebrating some gutsy-worthy accomplishments from the In Our Shoes community?

Big congratulations to Kia Brown-Dudley who was just hand-picked as a global board member to the prestigious International Literacy Association!  This was one of her first gutsy breakthrough goals. Once she stepped into that global leadership role she wanted, this opportunity swiftly came knocking and gutsy Kia never stopped asking! If you have not considered serving on a board in your area of expertise, local or global, please consider this yet another career strategy to being more VISIBLE.

Clinical cardiologist, educator and researcher, Dr. Eugenia Gianos has LEVERAGED her years of expertise in preventative cardiology and women’s heart disease. She has been in full demand as a speaker and expert on women’s cardiac health. She continues to be invited to deliver more high-profile talks further establishing her  work in the medical field. You will find Dr. Gianos presenting to The American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association AND she has just kicked off her Cardiovascular Disease prevention conference  here in the heart of New York City. As an esteemed leader of influence, rest assured the invitations will keep coming!  Speaking is a key gutsy strategy for any professional or personal breakthrough goal you have and why I spend so much time on it. Once you start, rest assured my next question is – when are you creating your own stage? Lead them. They are waiting for you to lead them.

Major gutsy move just reported from Danica who in less than two months of beginning her new senior leadership role (yes, you read right, just two months), was tapped on the shoulder to present to the CEO at her corporation. Was she expecting this opportunity? No, but once again, when it came knocking she was ready and gave her “HELL YES. I’ve got this.” She not only nailed her deck at the head of the table, confidently spoke as the thought leader she is, prepared for questions, but through this one opportunity  she has exponentially raised her credibility as an impactful leader with priceless visibility across the organization in a very short span of time. Not a bad way to get your name out there soon after starting a new job, huh?  Don’t worry about the outcome when opportunity arrives. It arrived because you were ready and gave yourself that mental nod. It’s what you’re saying to on a regular basis that counts – that internal dialogue. Inside-out Gutsy Leadership.

The more we celebrate others, the more abundance we attract.

We make those gutsy moves when we are wired for growth, and are ready to STRETCH into unknown territory.  It’s not a gutsy move when you’re feeling safe and comfortable. Gutsy Leadership is asking for what you want and then acting on that thought right away in spite of what other people think and in spite of looking foolish. That’s when you are supported every time. Think of it as a guaranteed bonus; when you are doing what you’re supposed to do, what is calling from spirit, you get GIFTED with something even better. Why? Because it’s not until you put some skin in the game that you are able to create breakthrough results. Those bigger dreams for you and your family where you are willing to step into your highest potential and ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. How would that change your partner, children, family and friendships when they are around you, just watching you expand? How would that change your life? 

As the late Jim Rohn once said: “You can’t hire other people to do your push-ups for you.”  I live my life by this mantra.  Reminder, if you’re feeling too comfortable in any area of your life, it’s high-time to go gutsy. Your environment will not create anything new and therefore you cannot enjoy new results. This is only a problem because as we  both know, you are wired for GROWTH. The universe is expanding and so must we.

Big squeeze, have a beautiful weekend.














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