How to make a good comeback when a meeting is redirected


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Today’s gutsy topic is making a good comeback when you feel thrown off guard in meetings or any conversation really. There you are, all prepared with either your internal clients, your manager, your peers or prospects and you are thrown a question or concern you hadn’t expected.  There may be no ill-will at play here, it just sets you back. This not only can physically weaken you, it can have you forget what you set out to say. Not good and I get it. I hear this scenario played all the time during coaching calls and training sessions and why I’m addressing it today.

If this sounds like you, it’s not because you’re not senior enough, smart enough or confident enough. I’ve coached executives and Managing Directors that struggle with this! In the above video I share five gutsy moves you can apply when this happens where you will take back your power and have a good comeback,  firmly saying what you needed to share from the start regardless of any curve ball.

Also, I’d like you to rewind with me for a second and look back at a meeting which you felt went poorly because you were thrown off guard and didn’t have a good comeback to stand your ground. Let’s assess it together, and see how it meets the following gutsy guidelines to leading with clarity and confidence in ANY work situation.
Let’s face it, we’ll never be prepared for every question or concern that is thrown at us, I wish we could! However, you do have control over more than you think. Be Intentional:

  1. Before the meeting or phone call, did you write down 3 things you set out to be intentional with? This can be three points you want to make, 3 challenges you want to highlight, 3 questions.
  2. Listen and Recap: When they threw you a curve ball, did you acknowledge it, listen closely and repeat their concern in your own words? Doing so acknowledges that you have heard the point and are regurgitating it back to test your understanding. Note: you are not reacting here.
  3. Shhhhh, go silent: Did you create a pregnant pause? Doing so will create an awkward moment, but give you time to respond while taking back full control over the conversation.
  4. Respond: Did you respond to their concerns, or questions and see if they are facts, considerations or just noise that hold no water?
  5. Be Intentional: Did you go back to your intentions a la #1 above? When you remain intentional, you can always get back to discussing what you set out to, without giving away your power by being derailed.

Watch this video and then go through this 5-step checklist above, then let’s talk.  As a gutsy promise, this works, but you have to work it like a muscle and then it just flows. No anxiety. No worry. Stand your ground and say what you need to say.

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