No = Next!

I have a key gutsy strategy coming your way today. In this 10-minute video above, I share three keys ways you can reject rejection and ASK FOR THE YES every time. This applies whether you are being called on to negotiate in a meeting, ask for more flex-time or pay, need to push back and set boundaries to protect your time or get the price you want on that new home or car.

I want you to think about the events you seemingly have no control over, and take a step back kicking in that gutsy internal trigger asking yourself: What am I being called for here?  Why is this happening now? 

Because there’s always a reason, you may not know yet what that is, but nonetheless keep moving your feet, and turn the word NO into NEXT.

What if the setbacks, difficult circumstances and people were actually intentionally placed in your path? What if you said: “Hmmm, the universe must be conspiring to create something juicy for me today, because this is SO NOT what Gutsy Me asked for!” In other words, what if you became an inverse paranoid? Everything is happening for your benefit, you just haven’t been told what that is yet. 🙂  Enjoy this video, watch it on your commute into work and play it over and over when you need to ASK for the YES and turn that  NO into NEXT! As always you’ve got this!




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