Zero effort once your mindset shifts

“It’s been one year Marisa, since I attended a Gutsy Leadership seminar you led and I am STILL implementing what you taught us daily. It’s like I have this gutsy antenna now, where I’ll  immediately notice when anyone on my team is diminishing their value with subtle communication cues. Making a mindset shift, I recognize how WE need to change, to be perceived positively.” 

– Lisa D. New York City

“Marisa, it’s been a phenomenal shift! As a mom, wife and manager, I take care of everyone else, when is it time to take care of me? Since I discovered your work, I ask myself,  “Cassandra, what did you do today? How did you go gutsy?” Gutsy Leadership has become my personal trigger where I now ASK and say YES to the things I want. It’s like a film has been peeled off my world, where I am really living, not just existing.”

–  Cassandra R., Missouri

GM and Happy Friday,

Every so often we try to keep up and share all of the feedback that comes into our gutsy village. It doesn’t take much, once you allow yourself to look at a given situation a new and different way, that’s when change begins to flow. Flowing downstream effortlessly that is, not upstream where you’re pushing and pushing so hard. You want to be in a state of PULLING everyday based on a core belief that is here to serve her clients in a greater way, with those who need her expertise. That’s energy they will feel each time once you make that mindset shift on how you see yourself. Then it’s zero effort from there, you just show up and stick to that belief. The beauty of these shifts, is that it requires no physical connection really. Let me ask you, If that kind of energy can quickly leap across from reading an e-mail or sitting in an audience for one hour and make a HUGE difference in your career, then why can’t you pick up the phone and ask for what you want right now, of a perfect stranger?  Face to face is great, but not always possible. Have you told yourself a story that distance or schedule is an issue? Ever notice how energy is being channeled each time you think of someone and then whooosh! they suddenly call. Magic?  You pulled them in, right then and there because it wasn’t too much of a stretch for you to see their face or hear their voice.

Chatting with Lisa above on a recent call, she coined a term that I absolutely love and wanted to bring back to you here:


 “Marisa, when my team and I have put in weeks of overtime on a given project, busting our butts off, meeting our deadlines, I call it out, it becomes boosting not boasting time. We need to stop with the apologies, and “just checking ins”  which are diluting our value with our internal clients.  My mission is to inspire confidence in our written e-mails and find a way to weave it into meetings, casually but assertively, especially after all of the effort we’ve put in so that EVERYONE is aware of our contribution and deserved recognition. We are not boasting, we are authentically boosting our value.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Why bother doing all of that great work, only to sweep it under the rug? As a leader, what message does that send to your team? Consider how you can help them grow even further.

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Have you checked out the latest coaching programs delivered? Be sure to read through all of the many options to suit your schedule and budget. Don’t forget to reach out for a curriculum here,  every one comes with the flexibility and new option to FREEZE time where you need without losing any traction or commitment. We get it, life happens, but that doesn’t have to stop your career goals. In fact, did you know the minute you have a desired thought, and you follow it up with a BUT…. focusing on all the considerations, you’ve just canceled that thought out? That’s why it’s so important to share your goals with those who care about you and ask them to simply listen. Ideally, try this for 17 seconds, so we lock in that 17-second rule. We cover LOTS of gutsy strategies to shift your mindset and so much more when we coach together. I’ve had people say:  “I thought I was just signing up for coaching Marisa, I didn’t know I had to have a LEVEL 3 conversation with my mother!” That’s right, it’s not just about coaching, our time together is about making the commitment on all fronts so that you are supported and your environment supports your success. I may not be able to come home with you each night, but I can certainly set you up so that when you do, you are in FLOW and taking the time you need on a daily basis to inch closer to the things you tell me you want.

A ball in motion, stays in motion; it’s time to get rolling.  So that it doesn’t take you years to design a career that works for you and your family, learn more here on how to get started.

Have a beautiful weekend. They often say Spring is the season for renewal, but Fall is the time to reset and set that strategy for next year, becoming clear on what your future looks like, giving yourself permission to ask, detached from the HOW, and then work a plan to create just that.

Cassandra said it beautifully above. Life is about LIVING, not existing. We are not here to just get through the day. Design the life you want. Life is not happening to you, it’s being personally created by you and whatever YOU believe is possible. This is mindset work and self-leadership combined with career tools and success strategies that just work. There’s no secret sauce, once you become intentional, co-creating what you want, that’s when opportunities meet you at your door.  I’m ready to get started with you anytime.

Speak to you soon. Your gutsy homework exercise is below. You’ve got this.

Please say the following every day while looking in the mirror, three times a day. Say it at dinner, say it when you’re about to hang up the phone with a loved one, say it as you’re going to bed or make it your morning ritual.:

I deserve happiness and success.

Big hug,


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