Gutsy Mindset Retreat in Tuscany Italy June 2018

A preview to our Mindset Retreat in Italy.  Enjoy Fonteverde Thermal Springs. Our Treat.

Most people drive through life with the psychological emergency brake on. We may voice what we want but there’s this push-pull chaotic vibration going on. We hold on to negative images about ourselves maintaining inaccurate beliefs about our potential. When putting ourselves “out there” speaking, this negative self-talk cancels out our intention, weakening our bodies and shows up as weak language, diluting our VALUE.


Affirmations are powerful tools to replace self-images with new outcomes. Reading them daily shifts your mindset by reinforcing statements which affirm your desired goal as if it were already achieved, producing strong clear language.


  • Start with: “I am” in the present tense. “I am receiving an offer letter by June 2018!”
  • Keep it positive. “I am living healthy with clean lungs!” instead of “I am no longer smoking.”
  • Keep it short, specific.
  • Include action feeling ING-ending words. “I am laughing with joy in my red convertible!”

The theme of our Mindset Retreat is FLOW.

Food – Life – Olives – Wine.  Join us. Learn more.

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