Just do this when you need to FOCUS

Focus. Intention. Energy.

Would you say any of these words describe you right now?

I know what it feels like to lose your mo-jo and feel somewhat off balance. Sure, we take the calls we  need and show up to the meetings but are we really always there? Responsibilities, distractions, negative environment can so easily suck us in, where we are there in body, but not necessarily spirit.

Although plenty of expert advice out there today teaches on what to DO to be successful in your career, there’s not much talk around who to BE and how to show up. That’s where this Gutsy Leadership thing started. Working your mind, asking intuitively for the things your spirit needs,  observing the whispers, leading from your gut and acting on those impulses with proven career and business tools is how you  become a leader of influence in anyfield.

Whether you subscribe to this belief or not, 99% of your external reality is based on where your focus is: your thoughts, actions and behavior. The only three things we have any control over.

Today I’d like to share an exercise you can do whenever you feel off balance or perhaps in a state of resignation. It’s something I used to do when I worked on Wall Street and which I implement to this day. I didn’t question why, but intuitively I felt you could use this today.

Here’s your step-by-step plan to regain your focus and raise your energy level to achieving what you want in that upcoming discussion.

Step 1: Find a comfortable chair and private room. Back in the day, I would hide in those little corporate telephone closets to do this, if you can believe it. Whatever it takes, find your spot.

Step 2: Cross your ankles and cross your forearms. Yes, you will feel like a pretzel for a short while.

Step 3: Close your eyes and center your focus on the middle of your stomach, where your belly button is. I know what you’re thinking.

Marisa, I thought you were a career coach not a yoga instructor!

I don’t know much about yoga, but I do know like yoga, Gutsy Leadership is based on energy work along with proven business tools, strategies and techniques to navigate with.

Step 4: Imagine a bright burning light at the center of your stomach. Now breathe in from your nose. Hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale. On each exhale, imagine that light at your core is getting brighter.

Step 5: Repeat breathing ten times, counting backwards from 10.

Step 6: Now open your eyes. What is your intention in that meeting? that upcoming phone conversation?  that interview? Focus on only one thing you want to have happen. Just one. What do you want them to think of you? How do you want to be perceived? Whatever comes up for you was not random.

Now go in there with that intention and repeat the following out loud:

“I am positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me.”

Now let go.

Not to worry about anything you are about to say, whether you forgot your script, notes or presentation. Your body knows what to do. As the gutsy leaders we are, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the strength we have within us. This is all muscle memory. After the first time, you will get better and better going in there with what I call HIGH-Intention. Low Expectation. So much so, you will never forget how to do this again. Just like riding a bike after twenty years, your body knows what to do.

Make sense? Be sure not let this become shelf-help.  For more elevating energy and proven step-by-step business tools and techniques to accelerate you quickly, take an online course or book your private session.

p.s. forward this on to someone who can use this week’s technique.

Sending some gutsy moves your way, you’ve got this.


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“How successful you are, is based on how included you make people feel in the room. It’s our core human need for love and acceptance.” – Marisa Santoro, founder of www.inrshoes.com and Gutsy Leadership Academy.

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