It’s time to rock the boat…

Gutsy Leader Corporate Workshop “Fearlessly Ask for What you Want.”

Oh yes, because it’s time.

  • Have you ever felt you should steer clear of making waves with people to avoid being perceived as “difficult”?
  • Have you held yourself back from speaking up at work with a colleague or a client by not calling out the elephant in the room?
  • What about rocking the boat just that ONE time to nudge someone along because waiting things out just isn’t working and you need to push things through?

If not, will you reconsider today? Because here’s the happy side effect that occurs when you choose to rock that boat a little and make some waves.

In a recent corporate workshop I ran this week, we focused on ASKING, that is asking for the YES every time. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t expect the YES? If there’s one thing I learned early on in Corporate America and still today – successful people do one thing really really really well. They ask for what they want. They take on ASKing as an everyday habit and (really key to the process) they are unattached to the answer. It’s the one thing I do to this day and the very answer I give when I’m asked by someone in an audience.

“Marisa, but how did you exit Wall Street?!”

I never stopped asking because I believed I could and did.

There’s a reason why we may ask for the things that we want – it’s the ugly F word again, I hate to bring it in the room, but there it is – FEAR. It’s you fear of rejection and if you let it, it will hold you back every time. If you are hanging out with those who have many fears, then there too, you are letting that negative energy into your sacred orb. Environment is everything.

Let me ask you, who else is going to raise their hand for you, except you? Are you working someone else’s agenda or your own?

Close your eyes for a few seconds.

What can you ask for, if someone said YES?

What’s the ASK that would support you in achieving your goal?

You see most people focus on what they don’t want or what’s not going well. I know you know who they are. In a gutsy state of being when you intuitively ask for what you want, getting clear on exactly what you want, your brain (the goal-seeking organ that it is) will work overtime (yes day and night) until you receive it. It’s why for example if you thought of owning a red convertible some day, all of a sudden shiny red cars with their tops down are flying all around you! You think, WOW, that’s really funny I never noticed those before and here they are circling me every day ever since I decided I wanted one.

That’s not random. It’s because you gave yourself permission to ask and imagine what that desire looks like. Now let’s take this one step further. Put yourself behind the wheel of that red convertible, let’s make it a Porsche, shall we?

How does it feel? Are you inhaling that new car scent? What about the leather seats, feeling snug as a bug sliding around? How’s the stereo sound? Feel the wind in your hair as you shift into fifth gear?

So that it doesn’t take you months to ask ask ask for what you want, I leave you with a gutsy leadership exercise below.

Starting today, I want you to ask for things on two fronts. Intuitively ask from spirit. Write a letter to your spiritual outbox and get it all down on paper. Then share it with someone who cares about you.

Second, ask by opening up and asking someone verbally (not on e-mail, we’ll do this old school for now) what you want.

It’s time to rock the boat. You are no pushover. When we’re on those calm sea waters for too long, we get antsy. We need to grow, we need to stretch. We need to change. We love crashing waves so we can enjoy the calm that always comes right back around.

Your gutsy breakthrough goal is waiting.  Is it:

  • Breaking out with your new business?
  • Stepping into a new senior role?
  • Writing that book?
  • Retaining more flex time with your family?

Some Will. Some Won’t. So What? 

If they say no, you didn’t lose anything to begin with and it’s a wash. You however, show up in a more powerful place by speaking out loud and without apology for the things that you want. This makes all the difference.

For those enrolled in the 6-week Acceleration Masterclass program – I look forward to meeting you soon. Let’s get those goals down. For those not yet enrolled, we have 3 more spots left.

With guts and grace, you’ve got this.

The theme of the week is ASK.


The theme of our Tuscany retreat is


Food. Life. Olives. Wine.

aahhh, life is good…


Dinner in the vineyard.

Like-minded positive energy.

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