Must-Haves when investing in a leadership retreat.

We’re often asked what sets apart the training programs offered here at In Our Shoes from other online or live experiences. Here are some of the benefits and your must-haves when signing up for any multi-day learning or retreat experience whether here or elsewhere. Be sure to ask questions from your leader of the experience even after it’s held. It should go beyond just the designated dates set aside for the group where you can powerfully  turbo-charge your bigger vision.

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Receive support before and after the experience begins.

Before taking personal time to spend several days in the company of a group you have not yet met, it creates a powerful experience and puts people at ease, if they can join a group conversation before the retreat to share where they are and where they want to be with their goals. It lays out all the groundwork on what everyone’s personal intention is, while creating a safe and trusted space for participants, energetically giving the retreat momentum before it begins.

The same principle applies after the retreat. If it’s a transformational experience, you will want to bottle all that actionable advice and implement immediately what you lovingly brainstormed over meals together. The abrupt change in setting, back to your old environment can quickly have us fall back into old habits and limiting beliefs without that surrounding support any longer. Holding another virtual session after the retreat can reel that energy right back, having everyone refocus and returning to what they set out to achieve.

**Look for these before and after motivational group calls here to keep you focused and aligned with your breakthrough goals.

Action and Accountability

A ball in motion stays in motion.  For all its inspiration, great company and solid-how-to advice, often retreat participants will put the learning experience aside to become no more than shelf-help, simply forgotten about. Effective retreats should carve out a plan where you walk away with a clear and realistic strategy which will support you. Even the best laid plans will fall flat without the accountability to keep up the momentum and commitments you verbally made in the company of your group. Accountability is key to staying the course with confidence to implement.

**Private Strategy sessions are delivered during all of our learning and retreat experiences, so you can walk-away armed with a plan to support you.

Writing Time

Setting aside writing time kicks into gear that seventeen-second rule which states that you will create massive results by simply focusing on the images of what you want for a minimum of seventeen seconds. The writing process exponentially creates that experience where you  have that focus and clarity on the things you intuitively know will support you such as the people, resources, unexpected opportunities yet to come. Weaving in time to make those creative breakthroughs through writing, works a muscle that will keep flowing even after you return.

**In the Gutsy Leadership workbook you receive, you will be given  writing prompts and exercises to guide you throughout your learning experience, at your pace. 


“Me” Time

Learn how often you will have your own self-reflection time. Setting aside down time is essential to process ideas pulled from conversations, recharge, read or journal out what’s showing up for you intuitively.

**Your down time is creative energy pulled from spirit. We believe having time alone will channel those ideas pulled from the group, to powerfully support you.

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$200 Early Bird Savings through November 30, 2017.

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