A Leadership map

Believe (2)Step 1.

The first step into leadership is first believing that you are in control of what happens next, really believing it. It’s ok if you haven’t felt you have had any control until now. You are turning the page today. You must believe that you are in the driver’s seat right now.

Step 2.

Next start with something that you want but haven’t done anything about. Something which has been really nagging at you. Something or someone you have been avoiding. Something you have convinced yourself is impossible.

Write it down stating that you are on your way to receiving it. Write something like: “I am in the process of receiving a new raise.” one or two sentences. keep it simple and keep it present tense.

Step 3.

Now what is the voice in your head coming up now negating that? Name it. Name the fear. Why have you been steering clear of it? Why have you been avoiding it?  Write that down too. Write down whatever comes up for you.

Step 4.

Dilute it. If you take it on today and do something about it, what’s the worst that is going to happen to you if it doesn’t happen? Write that down too. Usually the answer is “nothing”. Feeling embarassed or rejected doesn’t count. Sorry, but it’s time to give you some tough love. : ) Get practical on this step. What’s really going to happen if you try but it doesn’t work out?

Step 5.

Take action. Move outside your comfort zone and do something that feels right in your gut. Make a move towards it, no matter how big or small. Write down one or two ways in which you believe you can get it and just do it without delay.

You can do this. This is your simple recipe on how to believe in yourself, gain confidence by repeating these steps over and over to take on the perceived obstacles in your life. Little by little you conquer those little wins and suddenly look back and realize you have accomplished a lot actually. Have fun with this, make it a challenging game and don’t be pushy about it. Ask and get ready to receive!

Sending you love and lots of gutsiness,



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