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Emotional Intelligence. Personal Branding.

Is it just me, or do you too glaze over from the “word salad” buzz words thrown around in the media? I get the need to set some common ground with business jargon, but personally I’ve just always wanted simple concepts to wrap my head around. Remember K.I.S.S. for example? That’s one that’s still loved by the masses. ; )

When you think about leadership, whether in your personal life or advancing professionally,  it simply refers to self-awareness which is  the ability to develop a sense of who you are, what makes you tick with a sharp focus on how you relate to others and how you are perceived and respond in those relationships. Taking that a step further than it goes to reason that the things you want to lead in your life are very much about YOU and taking an inside-out approach to relating authentically with others  a la  Gutsy Leadership.

If you believe you have a spirit and I say this without any religious overtones, then you may also acknowledge that you were born with a GPS signal inside your core which has a name, it’s called “intuition”.  This gut instinct of yours is more “visibly” present in your life than anything you have experienced materially and is consistently being channeled through people (often times perfect strangers), places and things which present themselves to you as frequently as you give yourself permission to ask to find them.

How can we really know when making those life-shifting decisions, that they will always be in our best interest? That includes trusting the people we allow to enter our lives. How do we know when to trust our gut when it screams against the grain of those who love us or of the popular opinion in a room?

Here are some responses to those questions, to support you in your shoes.  Please drop a comment or share below. We’d *love* to hear from  you. Until then, make it a gutsy week where you are leading others confidently with ease and authenticity.

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  • You were born with an “intuitive gut gene” known as your intuition which is a trusted source you can rely on to make any decision and subsequent gutsy move from, with the caveat that it must come from a place of faith and not fear.
  • That in any given moment, you have the power to choose what you want to create in the very next one, in spite of present circumstances and typically when you are staring adversity in the face such as challenging situations, negative people, attempted acts of control or suppression over you.
  • The perception of any level of fear is deliberately placed in your path as a distortion for you to look in the eye and embrace happily as an expected yet unpredictable constant so you can craft a life you love with free spirit, free will.
  • You choose to grow in any area of your life when you speak openly and express yourself without apology, restriction or worry about what other people think, with the must-have key ingredients: open heart, open mind.






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